Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where to say "I Do"

The first and maybe most important step in planning a wedding (at least to me) is where we should say I Do to eachother. Drew and I are struggling with this decision because we want to get married in Arizona because it's where we live and will be starting a life and a family together, however, we are torn because we want to get married looking at the beach in Maui with those most important to us. 

This is what the ceremony location looks like in Maui- maybe the most peaceful and intimate setting we could possibly imagine.

Our other option is getting married at the place we call home, Arizona. Drew loves the Farm at South Mountain so if we get married in AZ, this is the number one spot as of right now. I love the ceremony location under the huge Oak Tree.

This is where our reception would be held, and looks completely gorgeous at night with all the trees lit up around it. This is such a difficult decision for us to make, because we don't care where we get married as long as we are getting married to each other. We just want wherever we say "I Do" to be a place that represents our style and allows us to be with the people we love. We can't wait to be married!!


  1. We're getting married at The Farm! It's really nice. Have you met with the people there yet? They are very disorganized.