Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who's a College Graduate? I AM!

 After 4 long years of writing papers, doing homework, and staying in every weekend studying (alright, maybe that isn't how the last part went) I'm happy to say that I graduated college!! It feels like I just started at ASU as a little freshman walking on a HUGE campus thinking oh crap where are my classes? And all four years just waiting till the day that I was able to walk across the stage with all my family watching and accept my diploma. Now that it's over I realize just how quickly those 4 years actually went and how much I'm going to miss those out there lectures by the crazy professors, and the 10 page research papers...because now the real world starts and that's even scarier than being in college. It's a bittersweet feeling to be done, but I am very proud of myself and happy to accomplish a goal that I've always wanted to accomplish. Here are the highlights from the day...

 Somehow I ended up in the row directly next to my fan club so they were able to take pictures throughout the entire thing and watch their graduate up close!

                                            About to accept my diploma...I was so nervous!
                                       I did it! Finally able to smile and enjoy the rest of the show!

                                      And it's time to turn our tassels from the left to the right!!
All of the amazing people that were there to support me! Drew's entire family came in town for my graduation, I am going to have the best in-laws.


My graduation brunch took place at House of Tricks (probably my favorite restaurant in Tempe) it has the best food ever and it's all outside under huge trees. The restaurant itself is two old houses in Tempe that were combined together into that restaurant which is beautiful! My mom and Drew both gave speeches on how much they love me and how proud they are- it was one of the best memories I'll always have.


  1. Congrats luv!!
    PS: I love that you're so blonde! ;)

  2. ** Love, Whitney xx

  3. michelle! congratulations on EVERYTHING. what an exciting time for you! xoxo - e